Welcoming the Dear Neighbor?

Join us as we collaborate with Mapping Prejudice to learn and investigate the
hidden histories of racialized housing discrimination and segregation in Ramsey County. We hope to learn from and engage with community members about their own stories and experiences with housing injustice, past and present. We are committed to working together to make the invisible visible and to close the racial disparity gaps in Minnesota.


See what’s new and what we have learned through our research into housing inequality in Minnesota.

    How You Can Help

    Become a Volunteer

    You can get involved today by becoming a Volunteer. Get your community together for group training!

    Join a Workshop

    These short workshops offer training and education while offering insight to sources of racial inequality. You can make a difference today by signing up.

    Share your Story

     The map is a single kind of data that only shows part of the story—albeit a very important one. Identifying the stories of individuals allows wider public access to understanding the past

    Your voice matters.

    All St. Paul photos provided by MNHS Collections.