Welcoming the Dear Neighbor?

Join St. Catherine University (St. Kate’s) as we collaborate with Mapping Prejudice to learn and investigate the hidden histories of racialized housing discrimination and segregation in Ramsey County. We hope to learn from and engage with community members about their own stories and experiences with housing injustice, past and present. We are committed to working together to make the invisible visible and to close the racial disparity gaps in Minnesota.


See what’s new and what we have learned through our research into housing inequality in Minnesota.

  • Air Quality Effect on Covid-19
    A Data Visualization Project Data Visualization: Mapping Prejudice Project Context During the fall of 2020, eleven St. Kate’s students took a new course: DSCI 2994: Data Visualization. In the course, we discussed how we perceive information visually, how to create effective and informative visuals, and how to interpret data visualizations to tell a story. TheContinue reading “Air Quality Effect on Covid-19”
  • The Past Meets the Present
    by Rachel Neiwert In 2004, my husband and I moved to Minnesota. I was starting a Ph.D. program in history at the University of Minnesota and he was starting a new job as a chemistry professor. We were excited for the many new adventures the move promised, but also because we planned to buy ourContinue reading “The Past Meets the Present”

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 The map is a single kind of data that only shows part of the story—albeit a very important one. Identifying the stories of individuals allows wider public access to understanding the past

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