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Video by NPR demonstrates housing segregation and its connection to health, education, and policing. *Warning: there is a curse word in the intro.
This video offers an explanation of the 1945 U.S. Supreme Court case that struck down housing covenants. The case came from St. Louis, Missouri.
The story of an African American neighborhood that was torn apart. It is available free on Amazon Prime.
Kevin Ehrman-Solberg, co-founder of Mapping Prejudice, explains how past covenants affect current racial disparities in the Twin Cities.
A one-hour documentary explains the history of housing covenants and what Mapping Prejudice, with Welcoming the Dear Neighbor? hopes to achieve.
Dr. Rachel Neiwert’s talk on racial inequality in Ramsey County as part of the St. Kate’s Integrated Learning Series

Ramsey County Mapping Project Presentation



“Why do St. Paul’s Neighborhoods of Color have a Disproportionate Number of Vacant Properties?” by Kyeland Jackson, July 2 2020

“Welcoming the Dear Neighbor Unearths Racist Roots of Ramsey County Housing Inequity” by St. Catherine University, June 15 2020

“How does Minnesota Compare to the Nation in Racial Equity? by Kyeland Jackson

“Why this Started in Minneapolis” by Sarah Holder, June 5 2020

“Making the Invisible Invisible” by Taiyon J. Coleman, Spring 2020

“Project Uncovers Racism in Housing’s Recent Past” by Anne Murphey, March 18 2020

“Rezoning History” by Kathleen McCormick, January 16 2020



“Why Race and Housing?” – Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

This page links to a series of articles on racial inequality in the Twin Cities. It also offers suggestions for books.

Minnesota Compass

Explore community demographics of different St. Paul neighborhoods with these community profile maps

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